Racheal & Children ❤️ December 12th, 2020

Rest in absolute paradise Sweet Beautiful Mia💜💙 I wish I had the words to express the “Absolute Pure Love” ur whole family expresses & feels for you💙💜 Your Mum Dad & Lexi & Ur Whole family & everybody else... I’ve heard the most beautiful story’s of ur sweet, kind, gentle, caring and gorgeous nature 💝 You have touched so many hearts Princess 💝 My heart aches for ur family 💝 Your smile speaks a thousand & more words 🥰 You was so precious beyond belief✨ Love Always Racheal Lewis Lucy Taylor & Addison xXx GoodLuck to all of Mia’s amazing family on there hike! 🤩🤩😍🥰💝

£10.00 (+ £2.50 Gift Aid)

Raised for the event: Mia’s Christmas Wish- Dovestone’s Hike