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Merry Christmas Mia love from mummy daddy & Lexi we love and miss you so much xxxx💜🦋🎄
Mummy daddy Lexi xx December 24th, 2021
This time last year Mia we was sat in the hospital holding you praying that you pulled through but god had other ideas he needed you to be an angel 😇 you was just to good for this world we love and miss you more than anything in the world our Mia forever 14 always in our hearts 💜🦋💜🦋💜🦋
Mummy daddy Lexi xxx October 6th, 2021
Just a litte gift to let you know we love and miss you so much you should be starting your last year in school this week it’s so hard to live without you 💜🦋💜
Mummy daddy & lexi xx September 6th, 2021
Love you Mia xxx💜
Mummy daddy Lexi August 6th, 2021
I’m sending this for daddy because he seen a shooting star and knew it was a sign from you hope it was you keep them coming beautiful girl you are with us always and forever xxx💜🦋💜
Mummy daddy & Lexi xxx July 22nd, 2021
Miss you Mia lily love from mummy xxx💜🦋💜
To Mia happy 15th birthday love you all the world from mummy daddy and Lexi xxxx💜💜
Mummy daddy Lexi July 1st, 2021
Happy birthday Mia love you so much princess life’s so difficult without you here to brighten it up 💜🌈
Daddy Mummy Lexi George and Trixie x x x June 30th, 2021
Every time i see a rainbow , i know you are there 💙 miss you , Love you xxx
Aunty Gem xxxx June 28th, 2021
To a beautiful great niece on what would have been her 15th birthday on 1st July. and sending lots of love and hugs to Daniel, Vicky and Lexi at another difficult time for them to cope with. XXX
Uncle Jimmy and Sandra xxx always in our thoughts June 28th, 2021