Shirley June 23rd, 2021

This girl was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. I had a massive house fire and only just escaped with my little dog. I still currently live on St Mary's Rd, Moston. This wonderful girl made a point of asking every time she saw me how I was. With all the things this youngster had to think about, with her schoolwork, plans and future to map out, she cared for ME, a 60 year old woman. While passing the bus stop opposite Sydney Jones Court, St Mary's Rd, she would regularly see me and my dog while passing on her way to school, as I often like to go out early. She would always greet me with that precious smile of hers, stroke my little dog and smile again at me, while telling me to "have a lovely day" before carrying on her journey. What a wonderful girl, who made such an impression on me. What a credit to her family and friends! I will remember Mia for always. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I will be on a very long list indeed. What a precious, precious girl indeed! I will always love you and thank God for your genuine love and the memories you left behind for me personally, and my little sheltie, Kai. Shirley XXXXXXXXXX